September 16 2014, 7pm

Meh :c

Damn, been such a day. Awake from half past 6, been in college all day (with lessons that seemed to drag on forever) and along with that had an evening course until nine tonight straight after.

Have been in a huge random downer for half of the day too which hasn’t helped anything :/ Hate overthinking, worrying and stress.

Thank the GODDESSES OF HYRULE that Hyrule Warriors will be mine in two days time!!! I need it!!

Day off on Wednesdays thankfully! So tired so it’s time to get some shut eye and wake up feeling better~

Goodnight guys~ As always, I love you all so much :3 Stay awesome!

September 16 2014, 7pm


the new assassin’s creed looks great

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September 16 2014, 6pm

We NEED a Triforce.  So imagine my surprise when I learned the existence of another one.  Yours.  A Triforce based on such virtues as Power, Wisdom, and Courage.  To that end, I have guided your destiny, Hero of Hyrule.  

September 16 2014, 11am

Please tell me the codes aren't gone yet please say it ain't so

I’m saying it bro, they’re all gone ;(

September 15 2014, 8pm

Off to sleep, goodnight guys :3 ~

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